A Brief Company History

E&C Precast was founded in 1946 by Mr. Elmer Cordova. His first plant was in Littleton across from Arapahoe Community College. It was nearly destroyed by the devastating Plum Creek/South Platte flood of 1965, initiating the relocation to the current site south of C470. Elmer sold the company in 1991 to Mr. Dan McGuire, a marketing executive, who was ready to take the business to its next level.

Dan solicited his daughter, Ms. Kerry McGuire, to assist him in growing the business. Over the years, they have made many enhancements to the facility, improved working conditions, and diversified product market. Dan retired and sold the business to his daughter, Kerry, the current owner in 2001.

The business is still going strong, breaking records, and receiving awards almost every year. Our team of talented associates is exceptional at what they do and here to help. Please do not hesitate to contact us here at the office.

Ms. Kerry McGuire, General Manager

Mr. Mark Lucas, Operations Manager

Mr. Chris Wolfe, Cast Stone Manager

Mr. Tony Villagrana, Precast Manager

Mr. Tim Lind, Metal Shop Manager

Ms. Shenandoah Bower, Office Administrator