About the Company

The company was founded in 1946, located on S. Santa Fe Drive in Littleton across from Arapahoe Community College.  Many old-time Littleton residence will fond memories of the bowling alley which was part of the precast plant.  On June 4, 1965, the plant was nearly destroyed by the Plum Creek/South Platte flood.  After that catastrophic event the plant facility was moved to the current location just west of S. Santa Fe Drive and Titan Parkway.

In 1946 the company began manufacturing several concrete products for a few local customers.  We are still here today, manufacturing hundreds of concrete products for thousands of local customers.

Over the years we have established an excellent reputation for high-quality products, reliable delivery services, exceptional installation, and uncompromising customer support.  We have always developed strong relationships with our customers, vendors, and suppliers.  Many of these relationships have extended more than three decades.  With hundreds of combined years of experience, our team of talented associates is exceptional at what they do.  Each one, however, still consistently strives to expand their knowledge and educate themselves so that E&C Precast can continue to improve and grow.

The company has overcome many challenges in addition to enjoying many achievements throughout its history.  We are grateful to be here celebrating 76 years and are looking forward to the next 76.

More than products... E&C Precast offers concrete solutions!

About Precast Concrete

Precast concrete is a superior product, cast in a form, cured, and finished in a controlled environment, and transported complete and ready to install.  Some of its advantages are increased quality of material, versatility, durability, and time efficiency.  It is an esthetically pleasing building material, and can be provided in almost any color, shape, or texture and is virtually maintenance free. Environmentally concrete is a very green material and completely recyclable.

About the Products

The company manufactures a wide variety of products for residential, commercial, and electrical contractors.  Some of these are, area window wells, metal grates, splash blocks, wheel stops, stair treads, bollards, pads, light pole bases, meter pits, silo rings, retaining wall, split rail fence, post and panel fence, fireplaces, fire pits, column and wall cap, banding and lintels, balusters, handrail, columns, window and door surrounds, tables, benches, planters, and site amenities.  In addition, we can manufacture almost any custom product.

We are CDOT DBE, RTD SBE, and NPCA certified.